About Me

I’m a guy who loves 1/285th scale micro armor, and I love to show off what I’m working on the good, the bad and the ugly.

Most of my collection is GHQ. Many pieces are modified, and some are scratch built.

I started gaming with Micro Armor in the late 1970s with my friends in Southern California on a sand table in my friend Robert’s back yard. I built a pretty impressive collection (for a kid) of 1/285th scale modern armor and aircraft; much of it heavily modified and even some pieces were scratch built. With my friends, I built a collection of terrain boards and took them to the local Southern California game conventions and ran some fairly  impressive modern games that lasted days at a time.

30 years later, I’m still crazy about micro armor and continuing to build my collection. Some guys love to brag about how many pieces they have (and some of the numbers will blow your mind), but I’m not too concerned about that, I’m more about what pieces I have and what they look like. Sure, I do have a lot of pieces (not even sure how many), but my obsession is detailing the pieces and finishing them well.

I am the owner of GameCraft Miniatures

Photos from the 1980’s

Me playing TacForce at Ft. Sill OK in 1984

My collection from back in the ’80s

A city board, circa 1980

This was probably taken in 1980 at the Anahiem Sheraton hotel (Orccon? Gateway?).
This was a micro armor game I was running on the boards that I built at a young man.
If you know any of these people please let me know.

Gaming buddies Paul and Craig

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am not any good at tactics, operations nor strategy, so that is why I wish to apply the Science of numbers in my micro armor applications/games. Might finally win.

    I do have some stuff that I have used for 22 years.
    Delighted to always play and loan stuff out to play.


  2. Can you help me find a copy of a set of rules for WWII Micro armor gaming that was around in the early 80’s? It is called Tank Tracks (Trax), I can’t remember how it is spelled.? Please contact me at freddemj@verizon.net if you know of it or where I can find it, please and thank you.


    • Michael, the only source I’ve found for old rules like that is eBay. You just need to keep checking until one pops up and then jump on it. I’ve bought two sets of Tacforce rules (published in 1981) that way.


  3. Allen, i love your work !! perfect in detail and the feeling. I build with my oldest son the GHQ micro armour … he the russian and me the american 😉 … i know it is not in scale, but i love to complete my dioramas with the military planes in the scale in 1/200.
    I am still in doubt if i will by the WASP class.
    Hope to see much more of your work !
    Thanx and greetings Marc from the Netherlands


  4. Hi Allen,

    I used to play Challenger and Challenger II a long time ago and loved it. I would always to to the convention near LAX when I was a kid. I got a kick of nostalgia remembering how much fun I had playing these types of games and started buying a lot of GHQ miniatures for modern. I’ve been talking my friends into playing the games with me (purchased Fist Full of Tows 3) and stumbled onto your site and am going to check out your rules. I live in Sylmar, California and it would be great to meet more people that want to get a game going.

    I really like your models and will definitely look to your shop for my next purchases you have some great items!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more!



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