GHQ’s New CV9040 (#N574)

In case anyone cares, GHQ gets 10 points out of 10 points for dimensional accuracy on this model.

I measured the model and compared it to the dimensions of a full scale model and the accuracy is as close to perfect as you could expect.

________Full Scale__Should be in 285th____GHQs Model____Differnece
Length___257.875___0.904824561________0.8955________ -0.009324561
Width____122.047___0.428235088________0.4115________ -0.016735088
Height____106.299___0.372978947________0.3725________ -0.000478947

The length is off by 9 thousands of an inch (thickness of three pieces of paper) and that’s without that little extension on the nose, if you add that extension it’s over slightly over in length …. but I do not think the full scale dimensions take into account that extension. So if you average the with extension and without extension dimensions, it’s pretty much perfect.

The width is a little hard to compare because I think when they give full scale width dimensions it’s form the outside of the tracks … not any extra armor added. So that’s the way I measured the model,,, so it came out 16 thousandths under … but as above, if you add the extra armor outside the tracks it comes out a little over but not an amount that anyone would notice. Again averaging the with extra armor and without extra armor dimensions, it’s damn near perfect.

Height came out 1/2 of 1 thousandth of an inch short (or 4.7 tenthousandths of an inch),,, you don’t get much closer than that.

These are all very tiny differences and I would call the model VERY SCALE. Well done GHQ.

1 thought on “GHQ’s New CV9040 (#N574)

  1. It looks as good as real life as real world vehicles are rarely exactly on spec.

    When we would deploy in the US Army an Air Force loadmaster would do exact measurement of our humvees and they were always a bit out of spec. Mine was 2.6cm longer than spec I know we had one that was 1 cm under spec.


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