M4 C2V Conversion Kit

Here’s something new I’m working on.   The M4 Command and Control Vehicle.  This vehicle was developed by the USA Army and BAe Systems.  439 vehicles were meant to be delivered to the US Army but the program was cancelled in 1999 after only about 20 were delivered.  This is a pretty cool looking vehicle, so even though it never really got fielded in any great numbers, I want to make one.  Perhaps I’ll just say that the Republic of Malakastan ended up buying the 20 units from the US Army.

This is a work in progress and much fine tuning and detailing is yet to be done on this model.  The piece I’m making is just the rear enclosure and will be cast in Pewter, I’ll put them on GHQ MRLS chassis.

2 thoughts on “M4 C2V Conversion Kit

  1. Its like you are reading my mind…..I wanted a tank carrier and you make one. Now, just when I was looking at these you make this as well. Got to scrape some money together soon to buy both. That is if the command unit is ever for sale. Great work Allen.


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