Another Blast From The Past

Thirty two years ago (1984) I scratchbuilt this Pershing Missile trailer/launcher.  It’s mostly tiny bits of thin styrene plastic.  This thing has been bouncing around in my miniatures box ever since.  I never actually made the missile because at the time I was working only with hand tools and could not come up with an easy way to make a missile.

Pershing-1 Pershing-2











Well, 32 years later, I found this old model and decided to make a missile for it. Fortunately technology is going to make this task very easy.  I’ll just print it on my Stereolithography machine  🙂
PS:  Anyone know where I can find one of the 4 axle trucks that used to pull these in 1/285th scale?






Update: (2 hours later) The missile has been printed and it came out nicely.  When I designed it, I was pretty sure I was making the fins too thin and they might not come out well in the print … I was right.  They will be cut off and replaced with very tiny pieces of plastic stock or something very thin.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own super high resolution stereolithography machine?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s pretty awesome.
Shapeways?  I don’t need no stinking Shapeways 🙂

3 thoughts on “Another Blast From The Past

  1. I think it is great, i also love this kind of extras for the battlefield. For the Pershing 1 the tractor was the M757, with the support units using the M656. i have not seen anyone who makes this truck, it was specific to the Pershing. For the Pershing 2 it was the M1001 MAN tractor for units in Germany, which was also used by the GLCM Tommahawk (Gryphon). In Service Miniatures made this tractor for their GLCM model. It is the only one I know of. The unit in the States used the M983 HEMTT tractor. Would love to see a model of this on the market, hint, hint.



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