Something Cool From My Past

I picked up these rules on eBay for a reasonable price.  This rule set has some sentimental value to me,,, it’s the very first miniatures war game I ever played.  This is the set of rules that got me interested in Micro Armor … and eventually led me to the business I’m in today.
I’m happy I found these, in pretty good condition, at a fair price.

img_6709 img_6708

1 thought on “Something Cool From My Past

  1. WWO!. Does that bring back memories. I, too, still have my original TRACTICS set that I played with back in the. Originally played with the Rocco minitanks that were available at the time but quickly switched to 1/285 when GHQ and others hit the market. Sounds like you and I have a similar gaming heritage!!!!


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