Done with the first M60A3

Done with the M60A3. I’m not happy with the Vallejo “Matte Varnish”, it still looks a little shiny to me. I’ve got some AK Ultra Matte Varnish on order,, when it gets here I’ll give it a try and see if it’s better.

4 thoughts on “Done with the first M60A3

    • Thanks, me too. That was the paint scene I saw the most when I was in the Army in the 1980’s.

      Back then I painted all my minis in this scheme but I painted Forest Green as the base color so it was most dominant … I found with this one that painting the Field Drab as the bast color makes it more dominant and really changes the look of the piece … I like it this way more.


    • What you are seeing in the photo is Testors dullcoat. I used the Vallejo matte first was very unhappy with it and then I applied a light coat of the Testors after that … it still looks a bit shiny to me. The AK stuff is supposed to be much more flat … we will see when it arrives. I’ll post an updated photo after I try it.


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