New GHQ infantry

There is some discussion on the GHQ forums about the infantry they produce being way oversized.  So, I opened up a pack of the latest release from GHQ, it’s #N559; Modern German Infantry.

I found one figure that was standing straight up and measured him.  He measured .3275″ tall, subtracting the thickness of the base (.0270″) the actual height of the figure was .3005″  Multiplying that figure by 285 gets you a height of 85.64″ in full scale, that’s 7′ 1.64″ tall.  Not a monster, but very tall.  Standing the figure next to an M2 Bradley (#N547) the top of his helmet is almost as tall as the top of the turret, in reality the top of his helmet should come up almost as high as the top of the hull,,, not the turret.

So, conclusion; These figures are a bit oversize but not grossly oversize.  A 7′ tall human is not unheard of, just very rare.  That being said, I’m not knocking GHQ for this, there is no way I could do any better.  Sculpting something this small and this detailed is no easy task.  So, while they are oversized a bit, I think they look ok as long as you don’t get them too close to a vehicle.

I have some really old (about 30 years) US infantry that measure .250″ tall for a scale height of 5′ 11″ tall … but they are not nearly as detailed as the new stuff.  See second photo.



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