1 thought on “Blast From The Past

  1. ALLEN,

    KUDOS on these ROLANDS and esp on your PATRIOTS..Ive sold my Rolands, HAWK BATTERIES, ALONG WITH THE uk 90s era SP air defense vehicles as its old technology,,, ive replaced them with HUMMER DEFENDERS, SA15 GAUNTLETS AND HAVE SCRATCH BUILT A FEW THADDS, and CIWS ON HEMMTS , along with some of your Patriots as your version is the most accurate and best value money wise from among those commwercially available….i dont know if hawks or rolands or Chapparalls could still engage and knockdown 21st century high performance planes like SU 27 SERIES, F35S, eurofighters or F22 RAPTORS, ESP IN A HI DENSITY ew airspace.. my philosophy is that if it dont work in real life…circa 2015, iits not in my force structure any more. your ROLAND designs are very accurate and look very accurate on table….

    ive bought a number of CIWS from SHAPEWAYS TO marry up with standard HEMMTS, which also form the platform for THADDS..also kudos on your new tank transporters. I’ll use them to transport the attack helos , VTOL strike aircraft, and UAV s which accompany my armored units. your version is also a far better value than whats offered on SHAPEWAYS, so you,re well positioned to take some of that high priced business away from Shapeways…

    keep up the good work and ill look for even more 21st century vehicles from you. my wargame army blend modern Mbts, afvs, apcs, sp arty and modern fixed and rotary aircraft alongside cold war and WWII ERA VEHICLES, ie a GERMAN PANTHER tank updated w modern engines, targeting electronics, slat armor, and CROWS WPNS STATION..IE THE BEST OF THE OLD MARRIED WITH THE BEST OF WHATS CUTTING EDGE. imagine a King Tiger tank retrofitted with a modern gas turbine engine, 120mm german smoothbore, with modern ordnance. i believe that the original dezsign couldve been replicated or upgraded to compete on a modern battlefield

    keep up the good work and pls send me my tank transporters asap

    ‘Cpt’ KIRK
    Searcy, AR


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