Finally A Display Case for the USS Wasp

The USS Wasp has been on a shelf out in the shop for about a year, it’s been sitting out there covered in plastic and nearly forgotten. The main reason I built this model was so that I would have a way of displaying my GHQ helicopters, aircraft and other miniatures.

So yesterday, I finally built a display case for the model. This is nowhere near the nicest display case I’ve ever built, especially the base which is more of a temporary base and is made from 1/2 inch MDF. I will replace the base someday with something nicer. But for now, at least the model is inside my office and on display where I can see it.  I’m sure now I will be far more tempted to open the case every once in a while and add a few more details to the model whereas before when it was buried in the shop I never would’ve thought about it.

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