Tigers Done

Finally got around to finishing the GHQ Tigers. It’s kinda too bad I don’t play WWII, I’m pretty happy with how these came out.
Camouflage was airbrushed using the amazing Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush.

2 thoughts on “Tigers Done

  1. Hi, I’m struggling to get fine lines for camouflaging my 1/285 tanks despite using Vallejo model air (with thinner) and a Harder and Steinbeck CR plus airbrush.

    I’ve learnt that I need low pressure, a close tip and a steady hand.

    Is my cheap compressor system really the problem?

    Apart from skill and experience, what else am I missing?


    • The compressor really should not be a problem … if you are using low pressure and the compressor has a regulator it should be no issue. Without seeing what your results look like it’s pretty hard to say what’s happening.
      But you are on the right track with thinned paints, low air pressure, and lots of patience.


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