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I received this question via my YouTube channel today:

I’m a newcomer to the 6mm scale, what would you recommend as a good rules set for microarmor with a 1:1 scale [ one figure represents one of what it represents ( also known as WYSIWYG { what you see is what you get } ) ]. ( it doesn’t matter if it is WW2 or modern, just a good launch pad into the hobby. )

Here is my answer:

Jacob, that’s a question that you can ask a dozen people and get a dozen answers.  My favorite is a set of rules that was published way back in 1981 called TACFORCE.  For some reason it was only published once then simply faded away.  It is a 1 to 1 ruleset and it’s a great mix of ease of play and realism.
The main issue with it is that since it was published in 1981 and at the time it was considered “modern” you are not going to find M-1 Abrams or T-90s in the rules, the vehicle data stops at the M60A3 (although they have something they call the “XM-1”) and the T-72.
Fortunately one lunatic (yes,,, me) has spent the last 30 years updating the vehicle and weapon data for the rules and in the end basically created a whole new game system loosely based on TACFORCE.  Write me privately if you want more info on that.
If you are fine with playing scenarios from the VietNam era through the Cold War, see if you can find a copy of TACFORCE on eBay and pick it up.  I do not think you’ll be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Question about rules

  1. Evening Allen,
    I had a good time going through your blog, and eventually, your business website. It brought back a lot of good memories. I actually had the boxed set of TacForce, along with a wide variety of other wargaming stuff: SPI Games, Avalon Hill, Game Desingers’ Workshop, etc…

    The basic rules set I’d used was from GHQ, which was packed in their Battle Box packages. It was for WWII, but that was okay. I also used Command Decision. Yet, I really enjoyed modern micro armour, since I was in the US Army Reserves as a 19D, armoured cav scout. That was in the late 70’s to the early 80’s. I drove a M113 and climbed all over a M60 tank, that was fun.

    Unfortunately, life got in the way, and with me traveling so much, I couldn’t keep the games or miniatures anymore…too much to transport from place to place. It really bums me out, but life goes on. There have been times that I’ve thought about going back into it, but I don’t know…maybe.

    Thanks for your blog, and all the pictures you posted! BTW, are you thinking about skirmishes with Ukrainian vs. Russian forces. It just might happen…

    Not to worry, I’ll be visiting again in the future.
    Have an awesome weekend.

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