About to start a game of TAC II

Just about to start a game of TAC II in the Game Room. It’s been a while since I’ve played micro armor … so I’m really ready. Now to see if I can remember my own rules ūüôā


Today’s TAC II Game

Chris and I had a very fun game today. ¬†We played 5 turns in about 2 hours time. ¬†This was Chris’ first time playing so there was a more than normal amount of explaining rules going in but still we managed to move things along nicely and somehow (beginners luck, I’m sure) Chris managed to beat me. ¬†Good times.

(Photos are in no particular order)

Ready for this Thursday’s TAC II game

Tomorrow I will be playing TAC II with my friend Chris and we will be filming the game for a tutorial video I’m doing for In The Game Room. ¬†The board is all set up and the cameras are in place. ¬†I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

If all goes well the video demo will be a two camera shoot with the main camera shooting straight across the table at the two players and another camera mounted on the ceiling looking almost straight down on the board. ¬†The overhead camera will be the main view with the player view being a “picture in picture” window overlaid over the main video.

A little playtesting tonight

Just did a little playtesting tonight of my TAC II rules with emphasis on Conventional Fire Factors and Infantry.  I personally prefer tank vs tank games in this scale, I find that using infantry bogs down the game a bit as it adds a bit of record keeping especially when units start to get suppressed and you need to keep track of when they got suppressed and when they need to make subsequent suppression checks, etc.  …. but still I like to have it as an option so did some work in that area tonight.  Everything went well, I found a minor error on the infantry card for the 3rd World Infantry so I corrected that and I also discovered that the Rifle Squad conventional fire data assumed a squad with a Light MG, so I added a row on the card for a rifle squad without  Light MG,,, just in case that ever comes up.
For the purposes of this test game, each figure represented a Fire Team.

TAC II Rulebook Hardcopy Now Available

The TAC II Rule Book is available from GameCraft Miniatures online store. This is a printed and bound version of the free PDF version that is available at www.tac2game.com

TAC II is the gaming system that I use for all my Micro Armor games, however the rules and vehicle/weapons data are in meters so the rules can be used with any scale minis.

The rules for TAC II are free via PDF download to anyone that wants them, this printed version is priced to only cover my expenses of having it printed, there is no profit for me in selling this book, this is something I’m doing because I want to.

If you are not familiar with my TAC II project, go to www.tac2game.com for all the info on it.

Please read the entire product description in the store including the important disclaimer.



The TAC II Site Has Moved

If you are a follower of the TAC II website, it has moved.

If you use the address http://www.tac2game.com/ to get to the site, you are fine as long as you refresh the homepage next time you visit it.

If you had the forum address bookmarked you’ll want to change that to the new address of the site. ¬†The easiest way to do this is to use¬†http://www.tac2game.com/ ¬†but if you want a direct link to the new WordPress site you can use¬†https://tac2game.wordpress.com/

This new WordPress site will be much easier for me to keep updated and add new content to. ¬†The old forums software I was using had a 1990’s feel to it … I never really liked it much, therefore I did not update it as often as I should have.