Thunder Run at Orccon 2015

Tonight’s big Micro Armor game sponsored by GameCraft Miniatures. Good times were had by all. The Iraqis got the backsides handed to them but they took out a respectable number of M1A1 Abrams tanks in the process,,, 6 of them, that’s roughly 6 more than the real Iraqis took out in this campaign.

Update: TAC II Cards Available For Download

A follow up to my last post about the TAC II cards I am creating..

I created a batch of cards that are very much like the ones that originally came with TACFORCE.  These cards can be used with TAC II, alone, or even in addition to original TACFORCE cards.

If you use these cards along with existing TACFORCE cards, please be aware of the following notes:
Cards have distances listed in meters so they can be used with any gaming scale. If you use these cards with other TACFORCE cards you will need to convert distances to inches.
Penetration factors and armor factors on my cards are rated on a 1 to 100 scale. If you use these cards with other TACFORCE cards you will simply need to divide these numbers by 10. For example a penetration factor on my cards of 190 is equal to a penetration factor of 19 on a TACFORCE card. (In TACFORCE, 1″ = 50 meters)

The initial batch of cards includes 38 cards for mostly modern US and Russian equipment with a few Australian pieces as well.  I’ll be adding to this collection from time to time.

You can download the cards from this page:

These cards are provided by me to you at no cost and are for personal use only.  The cards and the data on the cards are copyright 1983-2015 Allen Rockwell.  Please respect my copyright and do not sell or repost these cards anywhere.

New TAC II Cards

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend making some new “TACFORCE” style cards for my TAC II game.  My game can be played using vehicle data sheets and weapon data sheets but I think I’m finding that when playing small scenarios with only a few different types of equipment on the battlefield, these data sheets can become a bit of an information overload … there is a lot of information there that is not needed for the scenario being played.  So, the next game I run at the Orccon convention next month in Los Angeles will be played using “TACFORCE” style vehicle data cards, this way there should only be about 6 cards required for the entire game.  As the scenario is designed right now, there will only be M1A1 Abrams, M2 Bradleys, HMMWVs, T-72s, BMP-1s and GAZ Tigrs.

Question about rules

I received this question via my YouTube channel today:

I’m a newcomer to the 6mm scale, what would you recommend as a good rules set for microarmor with a 1:1 scale [ one figure represents one of what it represents ( also known as WYSIWYG { what you see is what you get } ) ]. ( it doesn’t matter if it is WW2 or modern, just a good launch pad into the hobby. )

Here is my answer:

Jacob, that’s a question that you can ask a dozen people and get a dozen answers.  My favorite is a set of rules that was published way back in 1981 called TACFORCE.  For some reason it was only published once then simply faded away.  It is a 1 to 1 ruleset and it’s a great mix of ease of play and realism.
The main issue with it is that since it was published in 1981 and at the time it was considered “modern” you are not going to find M-1 Abrams or T-90s in the rules, the vehicle data stops at the M60A3 (although they have something they call the “XM-1”) and the T-72.
Fortunately one lunatic (yes,,, me) has spent the last 30 years updating the vehicle and weapon data for the rules and in the end basically created a whole new game system loosely based on TACFORCE.  Write me privately if you want more info on that.
If you are fine with playing scenarios from the VietNam era through the Cold War, see if you can find a copy of TACFORCE on eBay and pick it up.  I do not think you’ll be disappointed.

Playtesting TAC II

Did a little playtesting of TAC II tonight. I had a small area so I doubled all distances. Game lasted just 7 turns and the US won the battle with 4 M2 Bradleys left at the end of the battle. The forces at the beginning wer 10 BMP-2s VS 9 M-2 Bradleys.

Playing with myself again (wait, that does not sound right)

Spent some time tonight in the spare bedroom (AKA, the office, AKA the doggies room) doing some playtesting of my TAC II data and refreshing my old brain on the mechanics of TacForce.

I only played 4 complete turns but in that short time the US troops were geting their asses handed to them.  I was playing both sides, so it had nothing do to do with the players, it was mostly the luck of the dice … it seemed that every time I rolled for the US I got crappy rolls and every time I rolled for the Iraqis I got amazing rolls … that’s just how it goes sometimes I guess.

Here are a few pix (click on em to make em bigger)

Even with all the US units blowing up around her, she slept through the entire battle.