A little more work on the airport

A bit more work on the sand texture.  This is the second layer of the process, it’s still wet in this photo and looks a little shiny.  Also a lot more color blending will be done in future steps…. but this gives you an idea which direction it’s going.

The real airport in Baghdad is just pure sand everywhere but I think I’m going to add a little bit of vegetation in a few areas just to break up line of sight to make gaming a little more interesting.


Working on some more terrain boards

Tonight I started work on 4 more Middle East boards.  I’m making these as generic Middle East boards that can be used for several regions.  I know that some areas in the Middle East are just sand forever and others are hilly or even mountainous, so I’m trying to do something that is desert with a little terrain to break things up a bit.  After all, modern MBTs facing off at 3000 meters across flat sand can be a little boring. …. so a little artistic license is being taken with my terrain boards.

Click images for larger versions.

Playing with myself again (wait, that does not sound right)

Spent some time tonight in the spare bedroom (AKA, the office, AKA the doggies room) doing some playtesting of my TAC II data and refreshing my old brain on the mechanics of TacForce.

I only played 4 complete turns but in that short time the US troops were geting their asses handed to them.  I was playing both sides, so it had nothing do to do with the players, it was mostly the luck of the dice … it seemed that every time I rolled for the US I got crappy rolls and every time I rolled for the Iraqis I got amazing rolls … that’s just how it goes sometimes I guess.

Here are a few pix (click on em to make em bigger)

Even with all the US units blowing up around her, she slept through the entire battle.