Work continues on Baghdad Int’l Airport

The northwest corner of Baghdad International Airport in 1/285th scale. Work in progress.  Tonight I just started the application of the desert sand texture, this is a process that takes several applications before it’s done, this is just the first base layer.











This last photo shows the area being modeled. The satellite image on the left shows the area that I’m modeling. I’ve taken a little bit of artistic license especially in ground scale, I tried to keep the widths of all runways and taxiways real close to scale but the distances between things is seriously reduced.

Baghdad International

Working on some more terrain boards

Tonight I started work on 4 more Middle East boards.  I’m making these as generic Middle East boards that can be used for several regions.  I know that some areas in the Middle East are just sand forever and others are hilly or even mountainous, so I’m trying to do something that is desert with a little terrain to break things up a bit.  After all, modern MBTs facing off at 3000 meters across flat sand can be a little boring. …. so a little artistic license is being taken with my terrain boards.

Click images for larger versions.