A Serious Trip Back In Time

These are probably the first aircraft I ever scratchbuilt in 1/285th scale.  This was about 34-35 years ago when I was about 17 or 18 years old.  They are balsa wood with thin sheet styrene wings and tails.  Yes,,, this is what I was doing as a teenager when all the cool kids were partying, drinking and getting laid.

The grey one is an A-1 Skyraider, the green one is an OV-10 Bronco

They are total crap … but we all started somewhere.IMG_2282

1/285th Scale Aircraft Tug

Something I’ve been needing for a while for the deck of my USS Wasp.  Just a little fine tuning to do on this one and then I’ll start casting it.  I’ll probably make about a dozen of them for the Wasp and if anyone else is interested maybe I’ll put some on cgmini.com
These could also be cool for my airport boards if I ever get them done.

Tug-1 Tug-2


Finished My Aircraft Hangar Today

Just got this piece finished today.  It will be available as a kit from GameCraft as kit #285CSS154

Work continues on Baghdad Int’l Airport

The northwest corner of Baghdad International Airport in 1/285th scale. Work in progress.  Tonight I just started the application of the desert sand texture, this is a process that takes several applications before it’s done, this is just the first base layer.











This last photo shows the area being modeled. The satellite image on the left shows the area that I’m modeling. I’ve taken a little bit of artistic license especially in ground scale, I tried to keep the widths of all runways and taxiways real close to scale but the distances between things is seriously reduced.

Baghdad International

New Aircraft Models

I just picked up a few new models from Armaments In Miniature. I got an IL-76, a C-130 and a pair of C-17s. These planes will be very handy when I get my airport boards done.

I have not had much time to work on these planes but I can tell already that they are fine models. I’m very happy with their quality and the customer service from the owner Dave was great. In my own business I try to make customer service my #1 priority and I really appreciate it when I deal with a company that does the same.

Here it is assembled. I added some landing gear since the plane will be sitting in my airport.