Working on some Australian M1 Abrams

I’ve gotten spoiled by modern US armor being one color lately.  A three color scheme like this a lot of work (about 6 hours last night) …. but the result is worth it.

In this photo I have just finished putting on the three colors and now I’m ready to paint the tracks and do some weathering and a wash.

Getting the colors mixed just right was a challenge.  The green was not too bad, it’s 75% Olive Drab and 25% Dark Green.  The tan color was a problem.  The documentation I found says the tan is FS30219.  Testors Model Master Acryl makes an FS30219 but after spraying all the units with that color I found it to WAY too brown/red for my liking.  So added tan and sand until I got a color that more closely matched what I was seeing in photos of actual Australian vehicles.  I’m pretty happy with the colors that I came up with.

Getting a little behind in my painting

I’ve got a pretty nice size batch of micro armor that I need to get painted. This batch includes some new GHQ BTR-T (#W90), I’ll probably wait to paint them until I get some 30mm canons from GHQ to replace the MGs that they currently have. I’m trying to get some of the BTR-80/A turrets that have the 30mm autocanon on them to convert these BTR-Ts.

All of the Abrams on the right side of the photo are the TUSK version, the ones on the left are M1A2s that have been upgraded with the TUSK bits on the top of the turret but not the extra armor on the sides of the chassis.

(click for larger version)