New TAC II Cards

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend making some new “TACFORCE” style cards for my TAC II game.  My game can be played using vehicle data sheets and weapon data sheets but I think I’m finding that when playing small scenarios with only a few different types of equipment on the battlefield, these data sheets can become a bit of an information overload … there is a lot of information there that is not needed for the scenario being played.  So, the next game I run at the Orccon convention next month in Los Angeles will be played using “TACFORCE” style vehicle data cards, this way there should only be about 6 cards required for the entire game.  As the scenario is designed right now, there will only be M1A1 Abrams, M2 Bradleys, HMMWVs, T-72s, BMP-1s and GAZ Tigrs.

Getting a little behind in my painting

I’ve got a pretty nice size batch of micro armor that I need to get painted. This batch includes some new GHQ BTR-T (#W90), I’ll probably wait to paint them until I get some 30mm canons from GHQ to replace the MGs that they currently have. I’m trying to get some of the BTR-80/A turrets that have the 30mm autocanon on them to convert these BTR-Ts.

All of the Abrams on the right side of the photo are the TUSK version, the ones on the left are M1A2s that have been upgraded with the TUSK bits on the top of the turret but not the extra armor on the sides of the chassis.

(click for larger version)