Got them assembled and painted with Russian Armor Green and then drybrushed with 50/50 mix of Russian Armor Green and Flat White.  Then a quick blackwash.  Tomorrow I’ll add the weathering powder to finish them.  I think they’ll look fine.  Right now they look very dark ,,, but most Russian tanks do look very dark.






Russian T-14 Armata

I’ll just leave these photos here with no explanation …. I know, such a tease.

GHQ’s New T-55MV

I really do not have a lot of Russian made vehicles(or as I like to call them, “targets”) in my collection  but I think about 10% – 15% of my collection is Russian made stuff.  So,,, I really don’t talk about them much or post too many pictures of them really …. but this new piece is really nice so I thought I’d share a few photos of it.  It’s GHQ’s new T-55MV (number W100).  These photos don’t really do it justice, I have not painted any of them yet, this unit is just shot with white primer and then blackwashed.  I’ll post some photos when I get a few painted.  But for now I think you’ll get an idea of the depth of the detail on this piece.

A Bit of Work Ahead

Sometimes when I start painting up a bunch of miniatures I forget that getting the main color on is the easy part … the real work begins after that’s done.

This photo represents a lot of work yet to do.  Here’s what is left to be painted:  468 tires, 54 tracks, about 130 machine guns and cannons, 27 Sagger missiles, a bunch of helicopter windows and two aircraft canopies.


Working on some Anti-Aircraft Artillery, and a little GHQ rant

I love GHQ Micro Armor so much that I made a blog about it, I don’t think my devotion to the company and their products can be argued  … but I swear, if they don’t come out with some modern US anti-aircraft artillery (Patriot or THAAD) pretty soon I’m going to scream.

Our choices for modern US air defense are pretty limited, you’ve got the M163 Vulcan which is far from modern and you’ve got the M998 Avenger (pictured below)…. and I think that’s it unless I’m forgetting something.  On the Soviet side you have 3 different ZSU variants and 6 different SA-x missile systems and Tunguska and the ZPU-4.  That’s 10 different AAA choices for the Soviets and 2 for the US.

Anyways, here are some Avengers I just finished and some soviet stuff in the background that I’m still working on.