Another game of Bolt Action Tank War in 6mm

We had a great game of Bolt Action Tank War in 6mm today. We played aprox 3000 points per side, Americans and Soviets VS Germans. In the end, the Germans (me) won ,,, but it was a close game that literally came down to the last die roll ,,, I love it when games end like that.

A few more games like this and I’ll have my local group hooked on micro armor and then I can introduce them to TAC II and we can play some modern micro armor.

In The Game Room – Episode 14

Well, it’s been a week since I returned from Little Wars, I came back to a huge pile of work and had a horrible cold for several days … so I’m finally getting around to posting the last video from Little Wars.  In This video I spend some time just walking around the main gaming hall and try to give you a feeling for what it’s like there.  I hope you enjoy the clips.

Upgraded My Weathering Powder Collection

Today I graduated from the little tray my weathering powders were in to a new one that I bought on Amazon.  This new bigger one will finally allow me to use the powders that have been sitting on my shelf not being used for over a year.  Here is a link to the new organizer tray thingy I just bought.

I went from this…





To this…







The names of the colors do not mean anything really except when I go to reorder them someday (unlikely as this seems like a lifetime supply).  I had no idea what the green one was called so I just had to make something up 🙂

Water Tower Done

I finished my Damascus water tower model. It’s not a terribly exciting piece but it will make a nice objective piece.
This is not something I’ll be offering through my company, I just made this one for myself. If you want one, I uploaded a 3D CAD file to Shapeways and you can order one there if you want.

Back To The Airport

I just brought out my airport boards to work on … And hopefully finally finish up.  A few of them have developed a bit of a warp while in storage ,,, gotta try to get that sorted out before going any further.

Airport Boards

Update… I clamped down all the corners of the boards … I’ll leave them like this for a day or two and see what happens.  Hoping for the best.
If this does not work perhaps I’ll have get the back sides of the boards moist and then clamp them down and let them dry like that.  Fingers crossed, I’m not really interested in starting over on these.
Boards Clamped Down

Help Me Decide…

Warning, the geek level in this post is off the charts.

Quite often when people play wargames, they create a fictitious country where the campaign takes place.  Some even go as far as creating elaborate backstories, armies, flags, etc for the country and even placed it on the world map.

For many years my go-to country name for fictitious battles has been “Malakastan”.  I have not gone as far as to dream up a backstory or a location or create an army for it ,,, but tonight i thought it would be fun to create a flag that I can hang in my game room.

Here are the two candidates that I’ve come up with.  As you can see, they are nearly identical but I’m stuck on the crown color.  I like the yellow, but wonder if it blends into the background too much.  Also is the red too much?  If so, what color would you use?

Which do you like?

#1 with Yellow Crown

#2 with White Crown