Geeking out with a new dice box

For most of my wargaming past I’ve always thought of dice the same way I think of tape measures and balls of cotton for smoke …. just things I need to play a game,,, just another tool.  I always made fun of the people that go to conventions and dig through the dice and say things like “Oooh, that’s a cool one, I need that one”.  I always thought the “crazy dice collectors” were role playing gamers,,, us wargamers are much to serious for that silliness…. right?

Somehow after 35+ years of wargaming, suddenly I’ve caught the dice bug, I’ve been buying dice that I think look cool.  I even thought for a brief second about buying a set of those insanely expensive dice that are made of rare, exotic materials.  Fortunately I came to my senses before going that deep down the rabbit hole.

So, now that I have more dice than I actually need I decided to retire my dice bag and make a cool dice tray that will stack with my Tank Transports.  Now that it’s done, I see that there is room for more dice …. good thing there is a convention coming up next weekend …. maybe I can find a few more dice that really “need” there.

Do you have more dice than you really need too?  Is it just one more gaming related obsession that you have?  Has it always been that way for you?  Comment below.

My New Brownstones

A few quick shots of my new Brownstones.  Proper product photos will come later tonight.

Upgraded My Weathering Powder Collection

Today I graduated from the little tray my weathering powders were in to a new one that I bought on Amazon.  This new bigger one will finally allow me to use the powders that have been sitting on my shelf not being used for over a year.  Here is a link to the new organizer tray thingy I just bought.

I went from this…





To this…







The names of the colors do not mean anything really except when I go to reorder them someday (unlikely as this seems like a lifetime supply).  I had no idea what the green one was called so I just had to make something up 🙂

New Gaming Video Project

I am starting a new project that might interest some of you, it will be a show called “In The Game Room” that will be published from time to time on YouTube.

A good friend of mine, Harold from Clear Horizon Miniatures recently started an audio podcast with his buddy Jason called “In the Garage” and they are doing an amazing job of it. Their podcast inspired me to dust off some of my podcasting equipment and do a video podcast. If you want to check out Harold and Jason on their podcast, click here

My show may feature some GameCraft products now and then, but mostly it’s going to about gaming, miniatures and scenery, and my personal game boards, scenery, miniatures and games. There should be lots of tips and tricks, tutorials, talk about games and rules, and stuff like that. There will be a lot of emphasis on Micro Armor (6mm) gaming, because that’s what I do, but there will be a lot of info generally relating to gaming, scenery and miniatures of all scales also.

The video below is a sort of preview episode explaining what my show is going to be about and a sort of introduction to me.