Workbench Progress

After all the silly things like paint racks and tool drawers have been added, it’s time to concentrate on the important things.   Tonight I added a TV in the corner and an AppleTV so I can watch inspirational movies while I work … or Fawlty Towers.


If you have not been following the ultimate workbench redesign, check out the videos over at the In The Game Room Podcast HERE






This is a photo of what my personal workbench looked like earlier tonight.  It’s a fucking disaster, I can barely get anything done there.  Most of the time I spend out in the shop is devoted to filling orders for my customers but there is no excuse for this disaster. I’ll be doing some major reorganizing over the next day or two … or more.  Stay tuned for a whole new look and me getting back to the point where I can actually work on some micro armor again.