Photo Fun….

I do not have any other gamers around so sometimes I just like to get out some miniatures and combine my love for Micro Armor with my love for photography and just have a little photo shoot.  Here’s today’s effort.

Baghdad Parade Grounds Boards Progress

This project is going right up to the wire.  It’s early Tuesday morning right now and I’ve got to  have these boards at a convention in Los Angeles on Friday.  It’s going to be close.  Honestly, they could go just as they are right now .. but I really want to get a lot more detail added before Friday and if I can somehow manage it I would love to get one more row of boards on the east end of the set.

Progress on the Parade Grounds boards

Well, the convention in Los Angeles is exactly 2 weeks away and I still have lots to do to finish these boards … so the sensible thing to do at this point was to add another row of three boards to each end of the setup.

Now the entire array will be 3 boards wide and 6 boards long (5′ x 12′)

Here are the three boards being added to the west end of the parade grounds.

ParadeGrounds 81514-3

Parade Grounds Progress – 8/12/14

Ground covering is going in and it’s starting to take shape.  Still lots of work to do south of the buildings in the parking lot areas and the southwest and southeast corners where there will be a lot smaller buildings.

My Latest Bit Of Madness

Here is the beginnings of my latest project, the Baghdad Parade Grounds in 1/285th scale.  I’ve been working on the design for this set of game boards for quite a while,,, this is actually why I originally created the “Crossed Swords” miniature that GameCraft sells.

This set of boards will be massive, it’s a total of 12 boards, each one measuring 20″ x 20″.  The total size of this will be 60″ x 80″ and that 80″ number is likely to grow as I add additional boards to the east end.  If I cheat a little bit in distances I can maybe extend this board to the east far enough to include the Presidential Palace (The Al Sijood Palace).

On April 7th 2003, Task Force 1-64 of the 3rd Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade rolled into the Parade Grounds after fighting their way in from the south west.  Once at the Parade Grounds there was little to no resistance left in their way.  I’m thinking of running a game where the US forces encounter stiff resistance at the Parade Grounds.

The first two photos show the CAD design of these boards, the second one shows the design laid over a satellite photo of the parade grounds.

ParadeGrounds-6 ParadeGrounds-5 ParadeGrounds-4 ParadeGrounds-3 ParadeGrounds-2 ParadeGrounds-1

Considering a slightly crazy game board project

A while ago I built a model of the Iraqi Ministry of Justice building that resides at the intersection of Haifa St and Nasir St. in downtown Baghdad.  If I don’t say so myself, it’s a pretty impressive model.  I also noticed that the building across the street, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is a mirror image of the same building with the exception of a bit of the “tail” cut off.  So making that building would be a piece of cake since I have the MoJ building already designed in CAD … just mirror the drawing and chop off the bit that’s missing on the other building.  Once I thought about doing this second building, I got the crazy idea of doing a set of game boards around the area where these buildings live.  I figured out that I could do four boards at 20″ x 20″ (my standard board size) and take in this area very nicely.  I’ll have to think about this … these two buildings would the centerpiece of the project, but there would also need to be a few hundred smaller buildings around the neighborhood,,, and that’s where the real work would be.

The first photo shows the area being considered, shown in 4 20″ x 20″ boards.  The next two show my existing Iraqi MoJ building model.


MinistryOfJustice-2 MinistryOfJustice-1