Geeking out with a new dice box

For most of my wargaming past I’ve always thought of dice the same way I think of tape measures and balls of cotton for smoke …. just things I need to play a game,,, just another tool.  I always made fun of the people that go to conventions and dig through the dice and say things like “Oooh, that’s a cool one, I need that one”.  I always thought the “crazy dice collectors” were role playing gamers,,, us wargamers are much to serious for that silliness…. right?

Somehow after 35+ years of wargaming, suddenly I’ve caught the dice bug, I’ve been buying dice that I think look cool.  I even thought for a brief second about buying a set of those insanely expensive dice that are made of rare, exotic materials.  Fortunately I came to my senses before going that deep down the rabbit hole.

So, now that I have more dice than I actually need I decided to retire my dice bag and make a cool dice tray that will stack with my Tank Transports.  Now that it’s done, I see that there is room for more dice …. good thing there is a convention coming up next weekend …. maybe I can find a few more dice that really “need” there.

Do you have more dice than you really need too?  Is it just one more gaming related obsession that you have?  Has it always been that way for you?  Comment below.