Another game of Bolt Action Tank War in 6mm

We had a great game of Bolt Action Tank War in 6mm today. We played aprox 3000 points per side, Americans and Soviets VS Germans. In the end, the Germans (me) won ,,, but it was a close game that literally came down to the last die roll ,,, I love it when games end like that.

A few more games like this and I’ll have my local group hooked on micro armor and then I can introduce them to TAC II and we can play some modern micro armor.

Just A Little Bit Of Painting

The therapeutic power of a hobby is amazing. I have been so busy with work for the last few months I have not touched any Micro Armor in as long. Just taking a few minutes tonight to throw a little paint (first of three colors) on a few minis made me feel good and remember why I do this. Next step (probably tomorrow) is to apply the camouflage colors, this is will be a good job for my new Sotar 20/20 airbrush.