Just A Little Bit Of Painting

The therapeutic power of a hobby is amazing. I have been so busy with work for the last few months I have not touched any Micro Armor in as long. Just taking a few minutes tonight to throw a little paint (first of three colors) on a few minis made me feel good and remember why I do this. Next step (probably tomorrow) is to apply the camouflage colors, this is will be a good job for my new Sotar 20/20 airbrush.


Primer for miniatures

I’ve been building models for about 40 years and doing it professionally for about 30 years … in that time I think I’ve used every possible type of paint available.  But in all that time I have never found the perfect primer for pewter miniatures.  … perhaps until now.   This white primer from Dupli-Color (available at most auto parts stores in America) might be the best primer for soft metal castings I’ve ever found.  First, it’s not just a flat white paint, it’s a real primer that attaches to the metal and hangs on nicely.  Also it does not go on in thick coats that would destroy details on such small miniatures (see photo of primered BMPs).

If you are looking for a good primer for your micro armor, give this a try,,, I think you’ll like it.




A Bit of Work Ahead

Sometimes when I start painting up a bunch of miniatures I forget that getting the main color on is the easy part … the real work begins after that’s done.

This photo represents a lot of work yet to do.  Here’s what is left to be painted:  468 tires, 54 tracks, about 130 machine guns and cannons, 27 Sagger missiles, a bunch of helicopter windows and two aircraft canopies.