Working on some Australian M1 Abrams

I’ve gotten spoiled by modern US armor being one color lately.  A three color scheme like this a lot of work (about 6 hours last night) …. but the result is worth it.

In this photo I have just finished putting on the three colors and now I’m ready to paint the tracks and do some weathering and a wash.

Getting the colors mixed just right was a challenge.  The green was not too bad, it’s 75% Olive Drab and 25% Dark Green.  The tan color was a problem.  The documentation I found says the tan is FS30219.  Testors Model Master Acryl makes an FS30219 but after spraying all the units with that color I found it to WAY too brown/red for my liking.  So added tan and sand until I got a color that more closely matched what I was seeing in photos of actual Australian vehicles.  I’m pretty happy with the colors that I came up with.

A Bit of Work Ahead

Sometimes when I start painting up a bunch of miniatures I forget that getting the main color on is the easy part … the real work begins after that’s done.

This photo represents a lot of work yet to do.  Here’s what is left to be painted:  468 tires, 54 tracks, about 130 machine guns and cannons, 27 Sagger missiles, a bunch of helicopter windows and two aircraft canopies.