In The Game Room – Episode 14

Well, it’s been a week since I returned from Little Wars, I came back to a huge pile of work and had a horrible cold for several days … so I’m finally getting around to posting the last video from Little Wars.  In This video I spend some time just walking around the main gaming hall and try to give you a feeling for what it’s like there.  I hope you enjoy the clips.

In The Game Room – Episode 8

“In the Game Room” Episode 8 is online now.

Today I show you a few new projects I’ve been working on. I ask your advice as to which direction the show should take in the future and I open a box that the big brown gift truck delivered today and we look as some cool new toys I got.

Click the YouTube link in the lower right corner to view the video in HD format.

Episode 3 of In The Game Room is now online

In this episode you get to meet my friend and new co-host, Chris and get to know more about both of us as gamers. We go way back and talk about how we got our starts in gaming and how it led us to where we are today. Chris asks me about how I turned my hobby into a successful full time business. We talk about his brief love affair with Robotech and his new found love for Flames of War. I go on a rant about miniatures scale and I talk a little bit about some new projects I’ve been working on.
So, strap in,,, it’s a 44 minute ride and I hope it’s half as fun for you as it was for us.