Got them assembled and painted with Russian Armor Green and then drybrushed with 50/50 mix of Russian Armor Green and Flat White.  Then a quick blackwash.  Tomorrow I’ll add the weathering powder to finish them.  I think they’ll look fine.  Right now they look very dark ,,, but most Russian tanks do look very dark.






New GHQ Minis On The Way

This week I ordered the following new GHQ minis:
W-101 T-72 TUSK
N-577 CV90105
N-578 Challenger 2 (TES)
N-579 M977 HEMMT Armoured

I got an email from Channing at GHQ today telling me that my order was being processed today … so I expect to see these new minis sometime late next week.  I’ll post photos of these the moment they arrive.  I’m real curious what the T-72 TUSK will look like, I’ve seen a few versions of the real thing on the Internet … so it’s still anyone’s guess what the GHQ model will look like.

GHQ has already posted one photo of the new Challenger 2.  It looks pretty cool.