2 thoughts on “My Micro Armor Collection

  1. Allen

    Nice lookign units and the boxes are a very good idea. I am going over to the site to get measurements and start the process of working out how many would be needed.

    It looks like you play a 1-1 game scale. Can I ask what rule set you use?



  2. Richard,
    Thanks for the comments.
    I use a set of rules that was published in the early 1980’s and I’ve been updating it with current data ever since. The rules were called “Tacforce” and were published jointly by GHQ and GDW. At the time of publication they were the state of the art modern rules but they were never updated and went out of print not too long after the initial run. You can see me updated vehicle and weapon data at http://www.tac2game.com … it’s there for anyone to use if they want it.



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