New TAC II Cards

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend making some new “TACFORCE” style cards for my TAC II game.  My game can be played using vehicle data sheets and weapon data sheets but I think I’m finding that when playing small scenarios with only a few different types of equipment on the battlefield, these data sheets can become a bit of an information overload … there is a lot of information there that is not needed for the scenario being played.  So, the next game I run at the Orccon convention next month in Los Angeles will be played using “TACFORCE” style vehicle data cards, this way there should only be about 6 cards required for the entire game.  As the scenario is designed right now, there will only be M1A1 Abrams, M2 Bradleys, HMMWVs, T-72s, BMP-1s and GAZ Tigrs.

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