1 thought on ““In The Game Room”, Teaching TAC II

  1. ALAN, Ive been coming to your site for several yrs but just discovered your fictitious game nation. PATRIOT batteries bought from your nation now guard the airfield and maritime FOBs of my game nation Pacifica, an island continent and the Crown Jewel of the Pacific . Our major allies are Japan, INDIA, ANZAC, VIETNAM, SINGAPORE, S Africa, Israel, Canada, SWEDEN, Finland, and of course the US & NATO….enough entanglements and potential troublespots? we,re another mongrelized meltingpot with a first world economy and standard of living based on the minitaurization of nuclear technology. We even are in the process of our own NFL combines as a franchise is imminent, along with the soon to be franchises in TOKYO and LONDON….and the WWE even has yearly monday nite Raw shows from our capital city of STANLEY…An interesting backstory involves the founding of our island nation, immigration, and partial invasion by Japan during WWII, which led to our post WWII technological leap into nuclear power and a place at the world table…GEEKY enough for you? We maintain the worlds 5th largest military..not bad for a nation of 56 million , by having all eligible males and females function for 6 months of the yr in their civilian gig, some vacation, then 5 months in their military gig, enabling a standing ground force of 2.5 million, some fwd deployed around the globe…makes for some interesting stories..like the dude who runs a deli 2000 ft above ground in a skyscraper, and is a major general in the armored forces.

    if you keep developing more micro armor, ill keep buying it and deploying it worldwide on our seaborne FOBS




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