TAC II Rulebook Hardcopy Now Available

The TAC II Rule Book is available from GameCraft Miniatures online store. This is a printed and bound version of the free PDF version that is available at www.tac2game.com

TAC II is the gaming system that I use for all my Micro Armor games, however the rules and vehicle/weapons data are in meters so the rules can be used with any scale minis.

The rules for TAC II are free via PDF download to anyone that wants them, this printed version is priced to only cover my expenses of having it printed, there is no profit for me in selling this book, this is something I’m doing because I want to.

If you are not familiar with my TAC II project, go to www.tac2game.com for all the info on it.

Please read the entire product description in the store including the important disclaimer.



Modern Micro Armor Rules from Proving Ground Games

This is a set of rules for modern micro armor (1/285th scale AKA 6mm) combat that is published by Proving Ground Games.  I intend to do a compete review of these rules once I’ve had a chance to really learn them and use them a few times,,, but I fear that I’m so busy right now that might not happen for a little while.  So I at least wanted share this with you and let you know that I have flipped through the entire book and from what I’ve seen so far I think I really like it. If you are looking for a set of modern micro armor 1 to 1 combat rules I think this is a book certainly worth looking at. You can get more info on these rules at http://www.provinggroundgames.com/fieldsoffirenews . Their website does not seem to have an online shopping component so I think you just have to contact them for pricing and ordering information. If you contact them please tell them that you heard about these rules from Allen at GameCraft Miniatures.

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