Modern Micro Armor Rules from Proving Ground Games

This is a set of rules for modern micro armor (1/285th scale AKA 6mm) combat that is published by Proving Ground Games.  I intend to do a compete review of these rules once I’ve had a chance to really learn them and use them a few times,,, but I fear that I’m so busy right now that might not happen for a little while.  So I at least wanted share this with you and let you know that I have flipped through the entire book and from what I’ve seen so far I think I really like it. If you are looking for a set of modern micro armor 1 to 1 combat rules I think this is a book certainly worth looking at. You can get more info on these rules at . Their website does not seem to have an online shopping component so I think you just have to contact them for pricing and ordering information. If you contact them please tell them that you heard about these rules from Allen at GameCraft Miniatures.

IMG_3446 IMG_3443 IMG_3442

2 thoughts on “Modern Micro Armor Rules from Proving Ground Games

  1. I picked up a copy of the rules off of wargame vault. I’ve read through them and it appears as a step up from a beer and pretzel style rule set. It’s simple, yet goes in depth enough to get you playing with FA and infantry in half an hour. I have some friends coming over in a few days to conduct the invasion of Donovia (being real creative here… NTC haha) circa 1991. We’re gonna attempt to use FoF as our rule set. I’ll post an update after its all done.

    What I didn’t like at first was that the tanks and vehicles are all drawing data from generic hit points. So an M1A1 is categorized as Very Heavy armor. The gun is categorized as Heavy. Other rule sets have armor values set for individual tanks and variants of it. Different ammo types penetrate so much thickness or armor. FoF simplifies it by categorizing these vehicles into groups, Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy. Without repeating myself too many times, I was bummed to find a lack of in depth armor values and gun values. Upon reflection however, I realized that in order to bring a bunch of noobs together and roll dice and keep it fun, this was needed. Artillery itself seems to very easy to wrap your head around too.

    Again, I’ll be playing it this weekend and will post an update on how it goes down. The last time we got together we used Air Land Airborne Assault rules. They were not as simple as this rule set, and while we had fun, the turns took forever.


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