How the Thunder Run boards get from place to place

The question was raised on the GHQ forum  about how I transport and store the thunder run game boards. So I thought I would post a few pictures to show you.

First there is a flat board with four casters on it and four small wooden dowels sticking up out of the base which fit into four holes on the bottom of the first shelf unit. That first shelf unit also has four small wooden dowels coming out of the top of it which fit into the holes on the bottom of the top unit. This arrangement makes it very easy to transport these boards in the back of my truck, or possibly even a small car. Once I get to the venue I just stack the boxes on top of the base, and wheel the whole assembly inside.


Afghan Mountain Boards – Day 3

Applied the pigments and ground covering tonight. Some of the ground covering will blow off once everything is dry so there will not be as much ground covering as you see in these photos. Tomorrow I add some trees and start adding a few Afghan Hovels into the hillsides.

That block of white foam is attached to the bottom of the air conditioner because if it wasn’t there you could really slam you head into it and end up with a nasty gash in your forehead and blood all over your face…. don’t ask me how I know that, just trust me.