My new gaming table

My new gaming table has room to store 18 game boards underneath and can accommodate 15 boards on top in a 3×5 arrangement (with the end boards hanging off the ends 2″ each) or a 3×4 arrangement with room on the table at each end for papers, rule books, dice, sodas, beer, pretzels, etc.

Now I’ve got to finish the rest of the “room”, it’s really going to be more of an enclosed patio but it will be very nice when it’s done.  The roof is done and some of the wall panels have gone up.

P.S. If you are wondering, my gaming boards are 20″ x 20″.
Two reasons for this;
1) In my rules that is one square kM
2) You can actually get 8 boards out of a full sheet of MDF, you cannot do that when you try to make them 24″ x 24″