A few new terrain pieces

I guess I’m sort of known for large terrain pieces (after all I did build an Eiffel Tower in 1/285th scale) and when I build pieces in 285th scale, they are actually 285th scale … not some “that looks right” scale that is in between vehicle scale and ground scale.  So here are two more pieces I’m working on, a wharfside container crane and a vehicle bridge,,, pieces for two different projects.  I’ll probably do two more of the cranes for a total of three.

Crane-3 Crane-2 Crane-1 Bridge-1

Considering a slightly crazy game board project

A while ago I built a model of the Iraqi Ministry of Justice building that resides at the intersection of Haifa St and Nasir St. in downtown Baghdad.  If I don’t say so myself, it’s a pretty impressive model.  I also noticed that the building across the street, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is a mirror image of the same building with the exception of a bit of the “tail” cut off.  So making that building would be a piece of cake since I have the MoJ building already designed in CAD … just mirror the drawing and chop off the bit that’s missing on the other building.  Once I thought about doing this second building, I got the crazy idea of doing a set of game boards around the area where these buildings live.  I figured out that I could do four boards at 20″ x 20″ (my standard board size) and take in this area very nicely.  I’ll have to think about this … these two buildings would the centerpiece of the project, but there would also need to be a few hundred smaller buildings around the neighborhood,,, and that’s where the real work would be.

The first photo shows the area being considered, shown in 4 20″ x 20″ boards.  The next two show my existing Iraqi MoJ building model.


MinistryOfJustice-2 MinistryOfJustice-1

Al Sijood Palace in 1/285th Scale

Right now I am working on this new piece. This is the Al Sijood Palace in Baghdad Iraq. This will be a resin cast kit that comes in several pieces. I’ve taken some liberties in scaling this building down, the actual building in 1/285th scale would be about 16″ long … I’ve cheated a bit and got it down to a more reasonable 10″ long while still maintaining an impressive size. So far I have done about 75% of the front facade, see the image of the real building to see the area that I’m working on right now. This is pretty early in the development of this product, many more details will be added to the facade pictured below.

Palace-1 Palace Palace-3 Palace-2

A little more work on the airport

A bit more work on the sand texture.  This is the second layer of the process, it’s still wet in this photo and looks a little shiny.  Also a lot more color blending will be done in future steps…. but this gives you an idea which direction it’s going.

The real airport in Baghdad is just pure sand everywhere but I think I’m going to add a little bit of vegetation in a few areas just to break up line of sight to make gaming a little more interesting.