USS Wasp Size Comparison

A size comparison between the 1/350th scale model that I’m using for reference and the 1/285th scale version I’m building from scratch.  Interestingly the 1/350th scale model looks almost as tall as my 285th scale model, that’s because my 285th scale version is a waterline model and the 350th scale is a full hull.

More Progress-3

Shaping the bow of the USS Wasp

It’s looking like a bit of a disaster right now … but it’s all part of the process.  First low density foam was applied and shaped down to the approximate shape desired and then sanded down a bit more so it would be slightly under final desired profile.  Then a whole bunch of bondo is applied over the foam and it will be shaped down to the final shape.

Bow-3 Bow-2 Bow-1

Progress on the USS Wasp

Originally when I started this project I thought I was going to modify the 1/350th scale model that I bought … but it seems I’m going the scratchbuild route and just using the kit for reference and scaling everything up and rebuilding everything from scratch.

The flight deck is coming along and the main superstructure has taken it’s basic shape.  Now to add details to the superstructure.

Wasp-5 Wasp-4 Wasp-3 Wasp-2 Wasp-1

Big Project

I’ve decided to build a 1/285th scale USS Wasp LHD-1 and fill it full of Micro Armor vehicles and aircraft.  I started the project by buying the Gallery Models 1/350th scale model kit with the intention of cutting it up and stretching it in length and width to make it sort of 285th scale.  After thinking about this for a while I decided to just use the kit as a reference and draw all the parts of the model in CAD and then scale them up to 285th scale and just scratchbuild the entire thing.

Here is the kit that I bought as reference.


This is the drawing I made of the flight deck.  On the bottom you can see the deck in 1/350th scale drawn directly from the model kit as a reference, above that you can see the deck blown up to 285th scale.

AutoCAD 2013ScreenSnapz001

Next I started working on the basic superstructure.  Below are drawings that I made based on the plastic model and then scaled up to 285th scale.  The main superstructure will be 3D printed and then additional details will be added by hand.

Assembly1 Assembly1-1 Superstructure285thTest