New Gaming Mat

I just took delivery of a new gaming mat.  I had this design printed on vinyl about a month or so ago but this time I went for fleece.  I’m really liking this version a lot better.

Measures approximately 60″ x 80″  and since it’s made of fleece, you can put bits of terrain underneath it to create small hills and bumps.  Also because it’s made of fleece it’s really easy to fold it up and put it away or transported to a convention.

I’m working on a game scenario where the president of Malakastan crash lands at the airport, and while he survives the crash, rebel forces from the neighboring Krapistan attempt to capture the president. The crashed airplane will be on the runway in the middle of the board and the Krapistanis will enter from one side of the board and the Makastanis will enter from the other side.  Both sides will be attempting to capture the president alive.

You can check out this new game mat  on the GCmini website by clicking here

Help Me Decide…

Warning, the geek level in this post is off the charts.

Quite often when people play wargames, they create a fictitious country where the campaign takes place.  Some even go as far as creating elaborate backstories, armies, flags, etc for the country and even placed it on the world map.

For many years my go-to country name for fictitious battles has been “Malakastan”.  I have not gone as far as to dream up a backstory or a location or create an army for it ,,, but tonight i thought it would be fun to create a flag that I can hang in my game room.

Here are the two candidates that I’ve come up with.  As you can see, they are nearly identical but I’m stuck on the crown color.  I like the yellow, but wonder if it blends into the background too much.  Also is the red too much?  If so, what color would you use?

Which do you like?

#1 with Yellow Crown

#2 with White Crown