Progress on the USS Wasp

Originally when I started this project I thought I was going to modify the 1/350th scale model that I bought … but it seems I’m going the scratchbuild route and just using the kit for reference and scaling everything up and rebuilding everything from scratch.

The flight deck is coming along and the main superstructure has taken it’s basic shape.  Now to add details to the superstructure.

Wasp-5 Wasp-4 Wasp-3 Wasp-2 Wasp-1

My first two GHQ F/A-18 E models

I decided to do something a little different from the usual grey pant scheme. One is an Aggressor scheme used in training exercises, the other is the digital camo scheme applied to the aircraft commemorating the 100th year or US Naval aviation. The digital camo scheme took several hours to do and I’ve only done the top side so far, the bottom should be done the same way … but honestly after doing the top I’m not sure I want to do it again.

(Click images for larger versions)

GHQ F/A-18 E Super Hornet First Impressions

I just got my F-18s today and I’m putting together the first one right now.
This is a really nice model and I’m totally stoked to add it to my collection.

(Click images for full size versions)

Like any model though, it’s not perfect.  There is one issue that caught my attention right away and it’s the fitting of the right wing.  There is an angled portion near the leading edge that makes contact with the fuselage a bit early, therefore not allowing the wing to properly be fitted without leaving a gap between the fuselage and the wing root.  This is very easily fixed with a bit of sanding or filing on that angled area as shown below.