Maybe my new favorite vehicle

The M-1128 MGS (Mounted Gun System) has all the speed, maneuverability and amphibian capabilities of a Stryker and has an awesome 105mm L7 gun that can take care of most armored vehicles.  Of course this vehicle does not have the armor that a tank has but it’s speed, smaller size (smaller target) and relative cost (if you use a point system) make it a real nice choice.

Using my point system for TAC-II, you can field about 10 of these M-1128s for the same cost as 7 T-80s or T-90s


A Bit of Work Ahead

Sometimes when I start painting up a bunch of miniatures I forget that getting the main color on is the easy part … the real work begins after that’s done.

This photo represents a lot of work yet to do.  Here’s what is left to be painted:  468 tires, 54 tracks, about 130 machine guns and cannons, 27 Sagger missiles, a bunch of helicopter windows and two aircraft canopies.