My New Brownstones

A few quick shots of my new Brownstones.  Proper product photos will come later tonight.

In The Game Room – Episode 20 – Allen Gets A Battle Mat

Here is the link to get the Battle Mat file: Click Here

The main site for Wargame Print:  Click Here

Vistaprint banner page: Click Here


I Love GHQ

Have I mentioned lately how much I love GHQ miniatures?  They would have never released a model that was this far off the mark.

I’m working on trying to save this Su-27 Flanker from I-94 Enterprises and I’m not sure it’s worth all the work.  I’ve shaved off that horrible strange tumor that was growing on the underside of the nose.  Now I’m adding Green Stuff to re-sculpt the canopy and the radome so they look at least a little bit like the Su-27.  I’m going to try to see this project through to the end … but It’s really not feeling like it will be worth all the effort.





Here is what it looked like when it had the cancerous growth on this chin







Update:  More progress


In The Game Room – Episode 14

Well, it’s been a week since I returned from Little Wars, I came back to a huge pile of work and had a horrible cold for several days … so I’m finally getting around to posting the last video from Little Wars.  In This video I spend some time just walking around the main gaming hall and try to give you a feeling for what it’s like there.  I hope you enjoy the clips.